Growing Scouting


In September 2015, we launched a major recruitment initiative in the two Luton Districts called “Grow your Group”. This initiative which runs for 3 months in one of several successful projects which have taken place in areas such as Solihull and Essex.

This project has been funded by the Freemason’s Grand Charity and is being delivered by Headquarters full time Development staff with local support.  The project has meetings and webinars to help support local Scout Groups to expand and offer Scouting to a larger audience of young people and expand our adult volunteer network in a variety of ways. Leaders at all levels and Executive members are encouraged to get involved and the project aims to provide Groups with free resources to help. The support staff are also making themselves available to individual Groups to assist them in their local needs.

With the knowledge we will have gained within the County it is hoped to deliver similar projects in the next few years to other Districts to enable them to deliver more quality Scouting.

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone to develop our Groups to their full potential.